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Monthly Status Report – June 2017
Board Meeting Summary
2016 Stewardship Council audit
The auditor did not find any material deficiencies and issued a clean audit. The Board voted to accept the audit.
DOE Annual Meeting
The Stewardship Council hosted DOE’s annual update for 2016. Updates included:
• groundwater monitoring;
• surface water monitoring;
• ecological monitoring; and,
• surveillance, maintenance and site operations.
DOE’s presentation can be found at:
(click on link titled: “Overview of the Annual Report of Site Surveillance and Maintenance Activities at the Rocky Flats Site.”)
Legacy Management Monthly Site Activities Summary
DOE reports site personnel conducted the following activities in May.
Groundwater Treatment Systems
• East Trenches Plume Treatment System (ETPTS): DOE reports the system, which now includes treating contaminated water that was previously treated by the Mound Site Plume Treatment System, is working as designed.
• Solar Ponds Plume Treatment System (SPPTS): DOE reports the system is working as designed.
Original Landfill (OLF)
• Installed seven geoprobe wells on the OLF hillside and on the pediment above the OLF.
• Replaced five existing piezometers that had steel pipe screens with PVC prepacked screens. The goal is to increase their effectiveness.
• Water level measurements in the new piezometers just upgradient and downgradient of the OLF East Subsurface Drain (ESSD) indicate that the ESSD is functioning well. There is approximately a 12-foot drop in water level from the upgradient side to the downgradient side.
North Walnut Creek Slump
• Installed four geoprobe wells along the SPPTS collection trench to evaluate groundwater levels near the North Walnut Creek slump.
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• Regraded the slump behind the A-series pond road.
• Started re-grading and crack repairs at the North Walnut Creek slump.
• Conducted erosion control and wetland water level surveys.
• Installed wattles along the ETPTS at selected locations. The purpose is to reduce the width of the road.
• Conducted prairie dog surveys of current and previously occupied prairie dog town. Only the one town north of the A-4 pond outside the Central Operable Unit on the Rocky Flats refuge had any prairie dogs.
• Counted spring survival of woody plants at habitat enhancement locations.
• Conducted nest survey of general project areas. No nests were found. Installed coyote cutouts and reflectors to deter nesting birds from using the area
Stewardship Council Update
Upcoming 2017 Board meetings: September 11, October 30