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Rocky Flats Right to Know meeting

What the Studies Say

Randy Stafford will present a review of a dozen studies of offsite soil contamination around Rocky Flats that all show plutonium concentrations of hundreds of times background radiation, and he will present a review of the precious few public health studies conducted over the course of Rocky Flats history, showing greater cancer incidence in the downwind population. Randy has researched, collected, and compiled this information over this past year. To obtain copies of these studies, Randy has made FOIA requests of the Department of Energy, visited the Federal Records Center in Broomfield, the District Court clerk’s office in downtown Denver (to review documents from lawsuits against Rocky Flats), spent two weeks combing through the CU library’s special collections of files donated by Drs. Ed Martell, Carl Johnson, John Cobb, and LeRoy Moore, and obtained rare documents from those sources and from Paula Elofson-Gardine of Environmental Information Network. The conclusions of these studies are as consistent as they are damning: there IS offsite plutonium contamination from Rocky Flats, and there IS higher cancer incidence in the downwind population.