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Rocky Flats Stewardship Council Meeting

Join us at this meeting of the Department of Energy and local politicians.

P.O. Box 17670 (303) 412-1200
Boulder, CO 80308-0670 (303) 600-7773 (f)
Jefferson County ~ Boulder County ~ City and County of Broomfield ~ City of Arvada ~ City of Boulder
City of Golden ~ City of Northglenn ~ City of Thornton ~ City of Westminster ~ Town of Superior
League of Women Voters ~ Rocky Flats Cold War Museum ~ Rocky Flats Homesteaders
Board of Directors Meeting – Agenda
Monday, June 5, 8:30 – 11:15 AM
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Terminal Building, Mount Evans Room
11755 Airport Way, Broomfield, Colorado
8:30 AM Convene/Introductions/Agenda Review
8:35 AM Chairman’s Review of April 24th Executive Committee meeting and meeting
8:40 AM Public Comment: Comments will be limited to the Consent Agenda and non-agenda
8:50 AM Business Items
1. Consent Agenda
     o Approval of meeting minutes and checks
2. Executive Director’s Report
9:05 AM Receive Stewardship Council 2016 Financial Audit (briefing memo attached)
     o The Board will be briefed on the results of the audit.
     o No material problems were found, and the Stewardship Council was found to
be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Action item: Approve Motion Accepting Stewardship Council 2016 Financial
9:15 AM Host DOE Annual Meeting (briefing memo attached)
     o DOE will brief on site activities for calendar year 2016.
     o DOE has posted the report on its website and will provide a summary of its
activities to the Stewardship Council.
     o Activities included surface water monitoring, groundwater monitoring,
ecological monitoring, and site operations (inspections, maintenance, etc.).
Public Comment on DOE’s Annual Report: Comments must focus on DOE’s
Annual Update.
10:30 AM Continue discussing the Stewardship Council’s IGA triennial review (briefing
memo attached)
     o This discussion continues the conversation the Board initiated at the April
17th meeting.
     o The discussion will focus on the IGA Mission Statement and Purposes.
11:00 AM Board Roundtable – Big Picture/Additional Questions/Issue Identification
Upcoming Meetings: September 11, October 30